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Manila Philippines

22-23 February 2020

UPFI Film Center

São Paulo


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About the Film Festival:

  • Asian Cinematography AWARDS (ACA)

    > Release Date: 1st March 2019

    > Notification Date: 8th February 2020

    > AWARDS Ceremony: 22-23 February 2020

  • VENUE: UPFI Film Center

    Address: Magsaysay Ave. UP Campus
    1101 Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.

  • Film Festival

    Asian Cinematography Awards (ACA) is a film festival established and managed by the film industry professionals of Cinematography Awards Foundation (CA).

    We invite monthly submissions from around the world of films which demonstrate excellence in cinematography and other aspects of filmmaking.

    In addition, we give special emphasis to encouraging and promoting Asian cinematographers and filmmakers. Specific monthly categories for Best Asian Short Film/Cinematography are exclusive to this Asian edition of Cinematography Awards.
    ACA announces semi-finalists, finalists and winners each month.

    There is also a special category for short films which feature subjects and stories about the Filipino culture, society and diaspora. This category is a one-time submission with a deadline of 31st October 2019.

    The festival will feature live screenings, an exhibition and awarding ceremony in Manila, Philippines.

    Annual winners will receive the “Golden Eagle”, the official statuette of Cinematography AWARDS for the outstanding achievement in cinematography and filmmaking.
    Rules and terms of agreement are in line with other festivals of CA.

The Awards:


Every Winner of the category will receive a  personalized certificate with an online verification.

Festival Laurels

We award the best independent filmmakers after a comprehensive evaluation process. The course is divided into several stages:

> Semi-Finalsit

> Finalist

> Winner of the Category

> Best Film of the Month (Official Selection)

> Best Film of the Year


Cinematography AWARDS officially called the “Golden Eagle” is an award in the form of a statuette for outstanding achievements in the field of cinematography.

The trophy is handed during the award ceremony of the film festival within the year:
– Director – The Best Film Of The Year

– Director – The Best Asian Film

– Cinematographer – The Best Cinematographer

– Cinematographer – The Best Asian Cinematographer

How to submit the film?

For your convenience, we accept submissions by biggest festival platform:

The #1 Way to Submit

FilmFreeway is the world’s #1 way to submit to film festivals and creative contests. Join the world’s fastest growing film community.


GOLDEN EAGLES Amsterdam 2019

``Lost Steps`` by Per Nilsson - Best Film of the Year

Submission Rules and Terms of Agreement:


The film festival works under the Cinematography Awards Foundation, an association of film festivals which highlight excellence in cinematography. It is legally established and is managed by film industry professionals.

A body supervising the foundation: The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


  1. Monthly submissions for the 1st edition of Asian Cinematography Awards is open to short films, feature films and videos of any genre beginning of March 2019.
  2. Only the Best Filipino Short Film category is a one time submission with deadline on 31 October 2019.
  3. All films must be presented in their original language with English subtitle.
  4. Films must have been completed after 1 January 2017. Premiere status is not required.
  5. Films submitted in other Cinematography Awards editions are eligible for re-submission on ACA provided they did not win in any annual CA festival main awards.




How long is a short/feature film?

Films under 30 minutes are considered short films & over are features.


How are the films selected for the festival?

Films submitted to the festival are reviewed by our selection team, which evaluates each film, looking for the best thematic and well-produced films.


When you accept submissions?

We are accepting submissions year round with monthly deadlines.

We recommend:

The Professional Script Writing Lab and Summercamp

May 2019 Winners

Asian Cinematography AWARDS (ACA)

Best Film of the Month

TITLE: Clinging With Hate (Myanmar)





Based on a true story of a well-known Burmese Buddhist monk about the burden of hatred and the addiction to love in human life. A married couple bears the physical and emotional scars of a traumatic past, which isolates them from their community and each other. They give birth to twins who carry the reincarnated souls of two vagabond brothers who tormented them in a previous life. A monk prevents the father from taking violent revenge on the children, instead, he adopts them and leads them on a path towards becoming monks themselves. And perhaps towards forgiveness.

“The Best film of the Month automatically qualifies as an Official Selection for the Golden Eagles AWARDS and guaranteed screening in Manila. Further film selections will qualify upon the decision of the festival selection committee from the monthly winners.”


Best Feature Film

Director Statement:

CLINGING WITH HATE is a five-act story that mirrors Shakespearean epics but in a contemporary and urgent reshaping of their themes. It is the voice of Myanmar, in a language the world will understand. It is a story about the sins of our fathers: how they are destined to return, again and again, until we break the cycle. It is not a story about hate, but of forgiveness. Above all, it is a story of hope. A hope for absolution, a hope for a new life. When we hate we hurt only ourselves. But when we forgive, we heal. This requires that we let go of hate. We must give voice to our past. CLINGING WITH HATE is a story I have seen one thousand times in my mind. Now we must see it on the screen.

All Winners of the Categories:

APRIL 2019

Clinging With Hate<p>(Myanmar)

Clinging With Hate


Best Feature Film

Aww Ratha, Nyein Chan Kyaw and Wai Minn Maung

Last Call<p>(Canada)

Last Call


Best Cinematography of a Feature Film

Seth Wessel-Estes

A Familiar Stranger<p>(United States)

A Familiar Stranger

(United States)


Yining Xu and Xiao Ma

A Passion Of Gold And Fire<p>(Belgium)

A Passion Of Gold And Fire


Best Cinematography of a Documentary Short Film

Sébastien Pins

Come Back Home<p>(Vietnam)

Come Back Home


Best Cinematography of an Asian Short Film

Y Zell Bya

Thank You Mom<p>(Denmark)

Thank You Mom


Best Short Film

Amalie Thorlund Jepsen and Rose Appel

What’s Invisible<p>(United States)

What’s Invisible

(United States)

Best Documentary Short Film

Nori Mizukami

Feline Paradox<p>(United States)

Feline Paradox

(United States)

Best Animated Short Film

Ben Reicher

Yoo Kyung<p>(Korea)

Yoo Kyung



Simon McEnteggart, Wade Chang and Jay Kim

Lukewarm<p>(United States)


(United States)

Best LGBT Short Film

Mitch Yapko, Eric Feltes and John Potter

Drinking Things Clear<p>(United Kingdom)

Drinking Things Clear

(United Kingdom)

Best Screenplay

Michael S.U. Hudson

Free Slave<p>(Turkey)

Free Slave



Mehmet Tanrisever

Mad About The Boy<p>(United Kingdom)

Mad About The Boy

(United Kingdom)


Samir Bhamra and Leylah Rumi

Golden Eagles

Films selected to Live Screening - MANILA 2020

Flickering Souls Set Alight (Greece)

Flickering Souls Set Alight (Greece)

Best Cinematography of a Short Film

Petros Antoniadis

CHOCOLATE MAN <p>(Germany)




Julian C. Steiner

Slaughter <p>(Iran)



Best Cinematography of an Asian Short Film

Hamed Baghaeian

Pandemia <p>(Hong Kong)


(Hong Kong)

Best Documentary Short Film

Yiannis Biliris and Gwendoline Biliris

The Widow<p>(Japan)

The Widow


Best Asian Short Film

Kenjo McCurtain and Yanqiu Fei

Are You Volleyball?!<p>(Iran)

Are You Volleyball?!



Mohammad Bakhshi and Nima Rabiei

Living Idle<p>(India)

Living Idle



Mrs.Satyaramana & Mr.Ramana

Birth of a Pride<p>(South Africa)

Birth of a Pride

(South Africa)


Dereck Joubert & Beverly Joubert

Clinging With Hate<p>(Myanmar)

Clinging With Hate


Best Feature Film

Aww Ratha, Nyein Chan Kyaw and Wai Minn Maung

A Familiar Stranger<p>(United States)

A Familiar Stranger

(United States)


Yining Xu and Xiao Ma

“The Best film of the Month automatically qualifies as an Official Selection for the Golden Eagles AWARDS and guaranteed screening in Manila. Further film selections will qualify upon the decision of the festival selection committee from the monthly winners.”


This campaign from Cinematography Awards Foundation

aims to give youth a chance to make the first step in learning the basics of taking pictures.

Build with our Foundation a Brighter Future


VENUE – The Next Live Screening

UPFI Film Center | Manila | Philippines

Asian Cinematography AWARDS (ACA)


22-23 February, 2020


Magsaysay Ave. UP Campus 1101 Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines



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