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WINNERS 2020 – 1st Edition

Asian Cinematography AWARDS (ACA)

Best Film of the Year

TITLE:  Flickering Souls Set Alight (Greece)

DIRECTOR: Iakovos Panagopoulos

DOP: Petros Antoniadis

PRODUCERS: Iakovos Panagopoulos &

Petros Antoniadis



Greece, 2017. The lack of financial support of Aris (who suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis / ALS) urges his wife Persephone to get confronted with human existential limits. “How many years does it really take to finally reach «home»?”


Best Cinematographer of the Year

TITLE: Crossfire (Australia)

DIRECTOR: Mert Berdilek

DOP: Alper Kasap

PRODUCERS: Alper Kasap & Mert Berdilek


In the suburbs of Australia a mosaic-like narrative documenting the fall-out of sexual & domestic abuse.


Best Asian Film of the Year / CELTX Asian Film Award

TITLE: About My Mother (Japan)

DIRECTOR: Yumi Otsuka

DOP: Yoshinobu Hayano

PRODUCERS: Tatsuya Ito & Yumi Otsuka


This is the offbeat story of a woman named Yumiko, a serious, yet apprehensive and honest single mother of a son and daughter, both in their twenties. After observing the mother meticulously sew up a hole in her son’s sock, the daughter urges her to “live a little.”


Best Asian Cinematographer of the Year

TITLE: Iewduh (India)


DOP: Pradip Daimary

PRODUCERS: Shankar Lall Goenka


The film portrays the lives of everyday people with everyday stories, not dignified as heroes, but nevertheless people who make the lives of each other better.

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